Medical Benefits & Paystubs - Important Info!

Two pieces of important info for InSync employees:

First: You can now view your pay stubs online.  Instructions and the link are located in the Employee Info section of this website.

Second: You need to enroll or opt out of Medical Benefits ASAP!  The documents can be downloaded and returned to us...or you can now enroll online.  The instructions to enroll online, as well as the link to the web portal, and the documents are also located in the Employee Info section of this website.

Pay Day Is This Friday......Please Read

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, and so is your next PAY DAY :-)

As you know the call center is closed on Thanksgiving to allow you to spend time with your family.

With the shortened work week, it is VERY VERY important that all your punches are correct in Ultipro when you finish out the week either Friday or Saturday. Please work with your supervisor to ensure that all your punches are accurate and all your hours are reflected correctly.

We are only able to pay the hours that are in Ultipro. If you have any Time Adjustment forms or missed punches that are not entered into Ulitpro by end of business Saturday November 21st, the missing hours will be paid on pay date 12/11/15.

If you are having issues with Ultipro please notify your supervisor/ trainer immediately. If they are not able to help you feel free to come by the InSync HR office at the Greenhaven location, or call us at 916 244 2085 x5

The entire InSync team wish you and your family a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving.

Great News!

Great News!  We have just set up a news section to update you on any news and announcements.  Check back often to keep up with what's going on.